Contact Your Representatives

Now is the time to contact the members of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee, they want to hear from you! Take the time to call AND email them now:

Chair Rep. John Barker Phone: 785 296-7674 Email:
Vice Chair Ron Highland Phone: 785 296-7310 Email:
Ranking Minority Member Rep. Louis Ruiz Phone: 785 296-7885 Email:
Rep. Tory Marie Arnberger Phone: 785 296-7363 Email:
Rep. Francis Awerkamp Phone: 785 296-6989 Email:
Rep. Blake Carpenter Phone: 785-296-7567 Email:
Rep. Stephanie Clayton Phone: 785 296-7548 Email:
Rep. Ronald Ellis Phone: 785 296-5623 Email:
Rep. Broderick Henderson Phone: 785 296-7697 Email:
Rep. Dennis “Boog” Highberger Phone: 785-296-7122 Email:
Rep. Michael Houser Phone: 785 296-7679 Email:
Rep. Susan Humphries Phone: 785 296-7699 Email:
Rep. Trevor Jacobs Phone: 785 296-7616 Email:
Rep. Jim Karleskint Phone: 785 296-7683 Email:
Rep. Nancy Lusk Phone: 785 296-7651 Email:
Rep. Vic Miller Phone: 785 296-7656 Email:
Rep. Melissa Rooker Phone: 785 296-7686 Email:
Rep. Tom Sawyer Phone: 785 296-7691 Email:
Rep. Eric L. Smith Phone: 785 296-7557 Email:
Rep. Chuck Weber Phone: 785-296-7473 Email:
Rep. John Whitmer Phone: 785-296-7567 Email:
Rep. Kristey Williams Phone: 785-296-3971 Email:
Rep. John Wilson Phone: 785 296-7652 Email:

Also, please contact your local representative today and ask them to support the Kansas Personhood Amendment!  Visit the “Find Your Kansas Legislator” website to easily find who is your house rep: 1. input your address,  push enter and 2. then click on your “state” representative’s name to get their phone number and email.

Tell them that our best attempt at regulating abortion is still allowing over 20 unborn children to die every day we don’t act!  That’s the equivalent of a kindergarten class… each day.  Ask them to represent the youngest Kansans who don’t yet have a voice and to support HCR 5009, the Personhood Amendment.  It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes.  They need to know what you think!

If you need more information about the Personhood Amendment, then read through “About Personhood” and “FAQs“.  To see if your representative is already a co-sponsor of HCR 5009, then check out “Our Supporters“.

 Invite us to Speak

We are available to speak to groups of any size about Personhood Kansas and our goal to amend the Kansas State Constitution in order to protect unborn children in Kansas. Bruce Garren, Personhood Kansas chairman, is a veteran communicator and is passionate about standing up for the unborn.  He’s had experience in churches, pro-life events and conventions.  He’s ready to speak at your group, just contact us and fill out the form.

 Discuss with your Pastor

We have resources for churches that want to know more about the Personhood Amendment and some helpful suggestions for pastors who have a heart for protecting unborn children from abortion and the harm that is done to the women who have them.

 “Like” us on Facebook

If you have a facebook account, then go ahead and click “like” link  in the column on the right side of this page.  Or you can visit and like us at

 Collect Petition Signatures

Although Kansas is not a petition state (meaning it isn’t by petition that we get an amendment on the ballot) we collect signatures of Kansas residence who desire to see the Personhood Amendment (HCR 5009) on the ballot at the next state wide election. See the resources page for blank petition pages you can copy.

 Send a Donation

Send us a much needed donation. All money will go towards promoting and moving the Personhood Amendment through the Kansas Legislative process. To make a donation, please send a check to: Personhood Kansas P.O. Box 75255 Wichita, KS 67275. Donations are not tax decuctible.