Will Personhood ban abortion?

ABSOLUTELY! The Fourteenth Amendment requires the states to protect the lives of  all persons.  A Personhood Amendment would reverse the Supreme Court’s basic error in holding that the unborn child is not a person.  It would mean that his life could no longer be placed beyond the protection of the law.  Personhood is currently the only plan to end abortion in Kansas.

Is the current prolife strategy working?

Any strategy that doesn’t include a plan to actually end abortion in Kansas is deeply flawed.  Ask your favorite prolife organization today what their plan is to end abortion and when.  The truth is we’ve been trying to regulate abortion in Kansas for over 43 years!  Abortions reached a high point of 12,000 and now 7,000 babies are still murdered in Kansas each year.  If personhood is not passed, at this rate we’ll see the last abortion 60 years from today.  This article: FAILURE OF PRO-LIFE POLITICAL STRATEGY TO END ABORTION clearly explains the problems with our current “incremental plan”. 

What about Roe v. Wade?

Justice Blackmun who authored Roe v. Wade wrote that “if personhood is established, the case for abortion collapses.”

Ban Contraception?

NO! The restoration of personhood would not outlaw contraception.  Abortion is the taking of existing human life while contraception is the prevention of life.

What is RU486?

RU486 is commonly referred to as “The Abortion Pill.” It is a chemical abortifacient known as “mifepristone” or “Mifeprex” taken to kill the child and end pregnancy, not prevent it. Marketed as a “morning after pill,” the drug “Ella” is a chemical compound nearly identical to RU486.

Ban In Vitro Fertilization?

NO! The Amendment would guarantee the right to life of all human beings, even the smallest.  It would permit -and implicitly require- Kansas to regulate the process of in vitro fertilization so as to protect that right.  In civilized society there should be no “throw away” human beings.

What about rape and incest?

The way a child was conceived does not change what he or she is: a baby. We need to make sure that both mom and baby are being taken care of and that she is receiving counseling and healing. The last thing a woman who has been through the trauma of rape needs is the added trauma of an abortion.  Rather than aborting her child in one of the most traumatic moments of her life, we need to provide care for both her and her child.

What about the life of the mother?

There are tragic situations where the mother needs to receive treatment for a deadly condition that, in turn, might cause the death of the child. Such treatment is perfectly compatible with personhood and the belief that both lives are precious.  Simple reason dictates that if two lives will be lost, doctors must save one.

Cause women to be prosecuted for miscarriage?

NO! The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures.”  The right to privacy prohibits the government from investigating a woman following an unintentional miscarriage.

Ban stem cell research?

Personhood will not prohibit Adult Stem Cell (ASC) research but will prohibit Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) research which kills the embryo and places the value of one person’s life over another.  ESC research involves the destruction of human embryos to harvest their cells. ESC research has resulted in zero cures for diseases, causing some experts to say that ESC research has become obsolete.

ASC are found in 12 different places in the body. They are pluripotent which means it is already determined what types of cells they will become. ASC research has resulted in 73 treatments for diseases including diabetes, Parkinson’s, breast cancer, leukemia, ovarian cancer, paralysis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and cirrhosis of the liver.

A note on the scare tactics:

The main disseminator of the scare tactics against personhood is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the world, with a billion dollar industry at stake. When Planned Parenthood attacks personhood is it because of one reason and one reason only, personhood threatens their abortion business.