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HCR 5018, the Personhood Amendment, has been introduced and co-sponsored by TWENTY-NINE representitives. Earlier this week, a press release was sent out across our state to announce this unprecedented support… if you see mention of it in you local newspaper, then please email and let us know!


A Constitution without Prejudice in Kansas

An amendment to the Kansas constitution began its journey to the people of Kansas Monday May 4. House Concurrent Resolution 5018 is planned to make its way through the House and Senate and into the hands of registered voters for a landmark vote in next year’s general election.

Over 5000 Kansas residents from all over the state have signed petitions requesting a constitutional amendment. The amendment authored by Representative Randy Garber of Sabetha is proposed to protect all human life from their earliest biological beginning in Kansas. Rep. Garber asked, “How can we continue to expect God to bless our great state if we are not willing to defend and protect the weakest and most helpless members of our land?”

Along with Rep. Garber, twenty-eight House members have added their names to the House Concurrent Resolution # 5018 which, if passed by Kansas voters, would “guarantee the inalienable rights, equal protection, and due process of the law of every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being, including fertilization.”

Bruce Garren, Director of Personhood Kansas, stated, “On July 1st of 2015 Kansans will be remembering 45 years of legalized abortion in Kansas and the over 440,000 unborn boys and girls who have lost their lives to this terrible human blight. The time has come to allow the people of Kansas to express their deepest feelings about this holocaust.”

With the approval of 2/3rds of the Kansas House of Representatives and 2/3rds of the Senate Registered Kansas voters will be allowed to vote on this life saving amendment. A simple majority of voters would pass an amendment and mean the beginning of the end of abortion in Kansas.

For more information regarding this life-saving effort: or email

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