Are we bargaining with the devil?

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On July 1, 1970, the sanctioned shedding of innocent blood began in Kansas with the enactment of Senate Bill 9 signed by Governor Robert Docking. Since then, committed prolife organizations in our state and nation have been working to expose the sin of abortion and forcing this sin back into the pit of hell it crawled out of.

On July 1, 2015 we will have lived and died with this legal evil in our state for 45 years. During which time over 440,000 little boys and girls will have died at the hands of those granted by law with the right to take their lives. Even as you read this, these children are murdered in Wichita and Overland Park, Kansas with your legal consent.

We must not continue to bargain for the lives of just some of these children using the lives of other children we are willing to sacrifice. We must not continue to say that some of these children deserve our protection while allowing others to die even if we hope to save more lives sometime in the distant future. Doing so devalues the lives of all of these children. It even devalues the lives of children that we Kansans allow to live.

When we give our consent to the murder of even one innocent defenseless unborn child made in the image of God, we are playing the devil’s game. We are then the kind of people he thinks we are: a people willing to negotiate with him on his terms.

Join with us in demanding of your state legislator the opportunity to vote next year on the personhood amendment to the Kansas constitution that would end child killing in our state for any reason… without exception.

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