Dismemberment ban… is this the best Kansas can do?

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As you may have seen in the news and social media, Kansas has passed yet another law: SB 95 “The Dismemberment Ban”. It states that a baby can no longer ripped apart in her mother’s womb. As a result, the abortionists will have to choose another way of murdering more than 7000 children this year.

Kansas, is this the best we can do?

After 43 years of regulating abortion we’ve officially passed every law possible with the exception of a law to actually ending abortion. If we can pass SB 95, then we can pass thePersonhood Amendment!

What is the Personhood Amendment?

The Personhood Amendment would provide little unborn boys and girls in the womb with God-given rights by the Constitution that cannot be taken away or infringed upon in anyway. It would insure the laws ofKansas would apply to all human being in Kansas, both born and unborn. And would allow for judicial proceedings to safeguard the unborn child’s legal rights.

What is the path to victory?

For Kansas registered voters to have the opportunity to vote on this amendment to the KansasState Constitution that would reinstitute laws again protecting the lives of unborn children inKansas, the House and Senate must give their approval allowing it on the ballot. That means the votes of 83 of the 125 members of the Kansas House of Representatives and 27 of the 40 KansasSenators are required to place the amendment on the Kansas ballot.

Twenty-nine members of the Kansas House have already agreed to co-sponsor an amendment that would, with your vote, grant basic legal protections for all unborn children inKansas as it does for those of us already born.

Every day in Kansas unborn children die at the hands of abortionists because they are unprotected by our constitution.

Are you willing to stand up to save their lives and put an end to the killing in Kansas?

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